INDIEpIpE: How to act big to make your act big.

You’re a musician who wants to sell more music. Sell more stuff. Play more gigs. Make more money making music.

If you think of who is really good at selling stuff, the answer is pretty obvious. Multinational corporations.  They know how to sell stuff. And make money.

I know, because I spent 25 years creating award winning and hugely effective commercials for them to sell that stuff. Some of the biggest multinationals in the world: Pepsi. Coke. Budweiser. Foster’s. Burger King. Toshiba. Yamaha. I’ve sat in planning and research sessions on four continents with very experienced marketers figuring how best to get people to buy.

Big brands spend a lot of time…a LOT of time, figuring out what and who they are. They have brand positionings, brand personalities, brand promises…al part of the Brand Strategy.

One of the reasons they spend so much time doing this is because they sell products and products don’t in and of themselves have personailities or make promises.

Musicians, on the other hand, do have personalities and can make promises. This section will show you how to figure out how to make your personality and promise into something an audience wants to buy.

Since they’re good at selling stuff, why not do what they do?

You can do what they do. It’s not, as they say, rocket surgery. It’s largely common sense, but they cloak it in fancy corporatese words. ‘Value Proposition’ ‘SWOT Analysis‘ ‘Features and Benefits’ ‘The Four Ps‘ ‘Supply Chains’

I’m also a musician. Not a very good one, but a musician, and II do know lots of others. So I know you don’t want to wade through a bunch of earnest corporate jargon to understand this stuff. On INDIEpIpE I take you through plain English explanations of what big brands do – and you can too – to sell more and make more. The navigation headings set out the formula for you:

Who you are.
Who to Tell.
What to Tell Them
How to Tell Them
Where/When to Tell & Sell

It’s all laid out for you here on INDIEpIpE

You’ll find out the few essential things you need to figure out to be more successful, along with step by step instructions and interactive forms to get you to the answers the big guys use:

  • Who you are and what you offer to people to make their lives better (or make them think their lives will be better).
  • Which people are most interested in what you have to offer.
  • How you tell them about why they’ll be interested in spending their money and time on you.
  • When and where are the best times and places to tell them.

If you’re ready to start now on making more money from the music you make, start here: Who are you?