The Big Secret: A Brand Strategy

The Brand Strategy is at the core of everythingThe big secret of the big brands isn’t really all that big a secret. It’s more a discipline.

Basically what they do is take all that stuff they (and you) keep juggling and make it organized. In the middle they put something called the Brand Strategy and have everything else attached to and revolve around it. They do it because they know it works. In two ways:

  1. It makes them money.
  2. It saves them money. And time.

The formula is pretty simple:
1. Develop your Brand Strategy
2. Make sure everything you do works with your Brand Strategy

Let’s start with the saving money and time part. Once the brand strategy is established, then everything else that they do: their marketing, their advertising, their promotions, where people can buy the brand – are all evaluated by whether or not they match the central core of the brand strategy.

They don’t waste much time figuring out whether they should do it or not, they just see if it matches the brand strategy.

When the marketing or promotion or store location does match, then it will strengthen the brand, more people will recognize what the brand is and why they want it…and sales will go up. WIthout having to figure out everything every time they want to do something. They don’t have to reinvent the wheel. They have it.

When you have a strategy for your brand – YOU – you will also save time and make more money.

Your Brand Strategy will hep you make more money

When you develop your Brand Strategy, everything you do will be more efficient. You will spend less time thinking about whether your latest facebook post or tweet or instagram pic is right. You will know that everything you do in every way will contribute to a common goal of building your brand name and brand value and recognition factor. People will recognize exactly who you are and why what you do matters to them.

It will make you money.

And that is why they will pay you in time, affection…and money…for your songs, CDs, vinyl, merch and live performances.

“Great!” you say…but how do you develop that brand strategy.

Well, click below and you can start on it.

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