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All or Nothing (AoN) – When the fund-raising period is over, money is only collected from the contributors if a pre-determined minimum amount of money has been pledged. If the goal is not met, no money is collected.
Keep it All (KiA) – Whether the project goal is met or not, all of the funds collected (minus commission) are handed over to the entrepreneur. If he or she has insufficient funds to meet the objectives, then it is up to the recipient to refund them to the contributors.

Website Business Model Notes Akamusic, founded in February 2008, aims to put artists and producers in contact. ArtistShare, founded by Brian Camelio, is a platform that connects creative artists with fans in order to share the creative process and fund the creation of new artistic works. ArtistShare created the Internet's first fan funding platform (referred to today as "crowdfunding") launching its initial project in October, 2003. Cash Music is a nonprofit building free & open tools that give artists control of their careers We're committed to putting fans into the hands of artists & their managers. We create social networks to help fans build lasting relationships with the artists they love, and each other. Users pay a monthly subscription for access, allowing artists to draw consistent revenue directly from fans. Feed The Muse is an online tool to help musicians, visual artists, filmmakers and more develop fundraising opportunities to keep them creating. Crw is a whole new simplified booking experience for fans, artists, and venues. want your favorite band to tour in your city? Let your favorite artist know…request them now. Indiegogo is a launchpad for creative and entrepreneurial ideas of every shape and size.Project by project, we're changing the way new ideas come to life. Kickstarter helps artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and other creators find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality. To date, tens of thousands of creative projects — big and small — have come to life with the support of the Kickstarter community. Crowdfunding & crowdsourcing platform for musicians. We are doing our best to help artists, what about you? Recurring funding for artists and creators. Creators receive millions of dollars each month in support from their patrons. PledgeMusic is a direct-to-fan music platform, which brings artists and fans together to share in the experience of music as it happens. Fan-fueled music. Get funded. Get discovered. Make it happen. We are a Crowdfunding Platform that makes your soul sing StartMyGig empowers fans to influence where their favorite artists tour. By proverbially putting your money where your mouth is, you can tell artists and promoters that you are committed to attending a gig. Unforgettable experiences driven by the power of fans.Fans, demand your favorite artists and get access to exclusive perks. Artists, know where your fanbase and superfans are and engage with them for free.

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