DIgital Download Cards

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Bands on a Budget Reliable digital download cards at affordable prices!
CD Baby Promote your music with CD Baby Download Cards. Download cards may be the best way to make your digital music instantly available to new fans. Carry them with you, hand them to people you meet, or sell them at gigs. People will be able to download your MP3s or high res FLAC files.
Discmakers With Download Cards from Disc Makers now you can sell your music wherever you go! Music Download Cards | Download Cards | Download Wristbands™
Distrophonix Distrophonix Download Cards are business-card-sized cards that give artists the opportunity to host albums, demos, concerts, and any other digital media on our server; these cards feature full color artwork, and a code that fans can use to download your music!
Dropcards The Original. Why settle for the generic alternative? Founded in 2004 – and manufacturing plastic cards since 1994 – we’ve been at this longer than anybody. Our experience sets us apart. Our quality and customer service keeps us there.
Fizzkicks We make it simple to sell, promote and distribute your media anywhere.
Groovehouse NOTE: Only available when placing a vinyl order. Download cards are not sold separately. We can even package the download cards inside your vinyl record sleeves and add a sticker. It’s a great way to add value to your record release.
iSongCard As music lovers and audio enthusiasts embrace their MP3 players, iSong Card provides a vehicle for independent music distribution that delivers what many fans and artist want – an easy-to-use, convenient, and powerful platform for music and audio delivery in the format they want!
Noiseland/Soundtrax Printed on heavy paperboard. Keep 100% of your card sales revenue. DRM-Free audio files. Update content anytime
Precision Disc Precision Disc provides you with a digital download service that lets you control your music, get paid up-front, and keep 100% of the money…and you certainly don't get that same consideration with iTunes.
Procards Music download cards, Vinyl download coupons, Print your own, Just the codes.
Redeemoid We Create Download Cards for Musicians Filmmakers Photographers Authors Brands. Sell your digital music at your live gigs or give a digital copy along with your vinyl records.