How you going to tell them?

If you’ve come this far, you are actually doing way better than the majority of brands out there – the ones you haven’t heard of, the Brand Xs of the world – because you have figure out the two most important things: Who you are and Who would be interested (and why).

That is your brand.

The easy part, actually, is figuring out how to tell them.

That is your branding.

You may want to do this part yourself, or you may want someone else to do it. Either way, you now have a foundation for making decisions about what words and photos and colours and videos and songs you are going to use to get your message across.

This section will show and tell you how to put all that good information and learning into use on the internet and everywhere, right down to the merch table at your gigs.

You’ll be able to follow the guidelines you set to provide what the big successful multinationals call a ‘Consistent User Experience’ and when you create and maintain that consistency it all keeps building on itself until you don’t have to work at it all the time and you can make music. Which is really why you started this, right?

But before we move on to the branding, let’s just take a quick look at what a brand actually is. THIS is the key to building your audience, and it is what very few people understand. The brands that do understand are the ones you know about. The ones that don’t understand it are the ones you never heard of, or you heard of before and wonder where they went to.

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