Starting your online presence – facebook

Before you get going on your own website, I suggest you start with facebook. It will require you to do a lot of basic things that you can implement on your website, and it is a lot easier to change them on facebook than it will be on your site.

Your web presence: It all starts with facebook.

No, I don’t mean that facebook has to be the central core of your web presence, what I mean is that when you start a page on facebook for you as a Musician/Band, you will be required to start thinking about all of the things you need to find your success as a musician.

Click on Create Page, select Musician/Band and it all starts.

Name What is the name you want to be known as? If you are a single musician, do you want to use your real name? Do you want to use some variation of your name? Do you want to have a total pseudonym? This is going to be the name of the brand that you create. So, you do need to go over that checklist even to do something this basic.

If it is a page for a band, you probably either already have a name that you and your playing partners have already agreeed on. Or maybe you are making it up now. Again, go back to the ‘branding’ checklist.

You’ve got 155 words to say something about yourself. But before we even get there, let’s go through the checklist of elements you can put on you ‘About’ section: (Click on the arrow to expand each section)

Topics Choose three words to describe your page. So what kinds of words should you use? Here are some suggestions.

Enter a facebook web address You are going to want to have a facebook page address that is not a string of numbers selected by the facebook database. But in order to get that facebook page with a name, you need to have 25 likes. Let’s put this one aside for now and fill out the rest.

So, the first place you should go to is Notifications and on the left you will see ‘Invite Friends to Like This Page’. When 25 of them like it, you can have your page named.[/expand]

Start Date The obvious answer to this seems to be whatever date it is today, but there may be reasons to have something different. If you specialize in playing Medieval Madrigal you might want the date to be in the 1500s. You might want the start date to be your birth date as a musician or the date of your first gig if you’re a band, or your first rehearsal.

Address It probably makes sense to put your home base here so people will know if there is a likelihood of seeing you play. Of course, you can put in ‘Mars’ if you want or Hollyweird or anything you like. Remember, though, this is your brand, this is what you are projecting to people.

Release Date This is most probably used for releases of your music, but theoretically it could be for release of anything.
Band Members Put in your band members here. Again, this is all part of your branding. Do some (or all) members of your band go with stage names? Do you all have nicknames that you want to share with your fans to promote a family feel?
Hometown: I guess this could be the same as your address, or you may want to promte yourself as living in Los Angeles but with a hometown of Gatlinburg Tennessee to reflect your humble origins.
Record Label Do you want to put in a record label here, even if it is just your own and you don’t haver any releases? (You probably aren’t going to fool a whole bunch of people, but there’s nothing wrong with it.
Affiliation Presumably this is the affiliation of the record label.
Short Description This is the short description that appears under your profile image. Limited to 155 characters.
Long Description
Provide some more information about your business, brand or organization. Include details like your background, mission or awards.
This is an optional field. In certain countries, such as Austria, Germany and Switzerland, businesses may be required by law to include a statement of ownership on their web presence. The limit is 2,000 characters.[/expand] Bio



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Official Page: you don’t need this, because it’s about you.

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