The whole point of INDIEpIpE is to get your marketing strategy and beanding in shape so that you can know it is working hard for you and you can spend your time making music.

That isn’t to say the world wil beat a path to your door.

Nor is it to say that you don’t need access to important information about where to get the things that will make your music a success.

Our resources section tells you everything you need to know.

But we are not in the business of recommending which CD replicator you should use or Vinyl supplier. Each page in this section is an up-to-date listing that mentions the suppliers that we know about in alphabetical order with a blurb from their website about what they see as their point of difference. (You’ll see some of them could use some marketing advice!)

We have no idea if they can deliver on what they see, we are merely reporting.