Marketing Mix – The 4 Ps

Those big brands do love their fancy names and their charts. But they do have good purpose.

One of the first things they talk about is ‘The Marketing Mix’, which is basically the things that go into marketing a product, and to remember it all a guy named E. Jerome McCarthy decided to call the elements of the mix ‘The Four Ps’: Product, Price, Promotion and Place. Basically what you’re selling, what the price is how you’re going to tell people about it and where they can get it.

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It’s one of the first blocks in building the Marketing Strategy, and one of the firs things you should analyze. The difference between music and the things those big consumer brands are selling is that YOU are part of the Product AND the Promotion and, to some extent, the place.

So, since you are such an important part of it all, that’s where we should start figuring out how to sell you.

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