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So, everybody needs to organize things in their brain. This is especially true in music. Rightly or wrongly, we categorize it. When we hear punk music there is a whole bunch of things that go along with it and when we hear opera there is a bunch of things that go along with that.

So it is important to figure out where you fit into the scheme of the way people classify things. In marketing we often use things called ‘Matrices’, or maps of where things stand in relation to each other – in peoples’ minds.

To give you an idea of how it works, I’ve put together this one that has two axes and four quadrants. One axis is ‘Style of music’ ranging from ‘traditional’ to ‘avant garde’. The other axis is whether the music appeals to a large, broad, mainstream audience – does just about everybody listen to it at one time or another – or a specialized, niche or cult audience.

This isn’t absolute science, it is open to interpretation, and you may not agree with where I’ve placed these different genres of music. But it is still instructive in getting you to figure out the answer to telling people where to put you in their heads. It’s important because if you are a heavy metal act you probably aren’t going to get a lot of sales from the Adele crowd. They just won’t think ‘that is music for me’.

To help construct your brand strategy, where do you think you and your music fit in?

Put you cursor over the ‘YOU’ branding circle and you can move it around the matrix to where you fit in this kind of mapping. (Sorry, it doesn’t work yet on a mobile device.)

After this example, we’re going to move on to figuring out where you fit in on a couple of different levels.

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