Planning your online presence

You’ve spent all of this hard thinking on getting your message and positioning right, so now’s the time to make sure it doesn’t all get lost because of mistakes in how you tell people about you.

So before you sign up to any of the services that will enable you to tell the world about yourself and stream and sell your music and videos and merchandise and tickets…take a few minutes now to plan it all out.

I can’t stress enough that consistency is what you want. A bonus is that once planned, consistency is a LOT easier than inconsistency.

Whatever service you are using (here’s a list of the available ones), you are going to need some basics:

  • Biography/About
  • Profile Image
  • Banner Image
  • Songs


For people who read, this is what is gong to tell them all the important things you want them to know about you. Remember your Positioning Statement? Here is where you put it into poetic words. When people read your Biography/About statement, they should be able to answer ‘For people who [whatever you have as your target audience], [YOU] are the [most/best insert Point of Differentiation] among all[insert Frame of Reference] because [insert Reason to Believe].

The facebook About section on a page gives you 155 words. Since facebook is one of the best known brands on the planet and this site is about using their tips to create your success, I am going to assume they have tons of research that shows 155 characters for their short description on a page is just the right amount to tell people what the page is about without boring them. You’ll also notice that on the Biography part of  a facebook page there are about 20-25 words before the ‘Read More’ notice appears. So make the guts of your biography or about work in 155 character and 25 words. (or less)

Profile Image

The profile images on almost all social networks are square. So get an image of you that works as a square AND USE THE SAME IMAGE across all of your online sites.

Banner Image

At the bottom of the page  is a useful infographic and link that tells you the right sizes to use for the different social media. Again, USE THE SAME IMAGE, but crop it as necessary. In general, the banner image should be wide and shallow in height.


Figure out what songs you are going to put on the sites. The check what formats they need. SOme require .aifs, some are good with mp3s. WHatever songs you put up, make sure they are tagged properly so that they can be tracked and provide you with good information.

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