Putting your branding into practice

So after all this good thought, you want to make sure you are getting the most out of your brand and branding.

To review a bit, a brand is a promise CONSISTENTLY KEPT.

So the first thing to do is to use your branding CONSISTENTLY. If you have a facebook page and a web site, make sure that you have the same image prominently displayed on each.

Remember, your branding is a shortcut. You don’t want people (most of whom are busy. Or lazy. Or both.) to have to wonder if this is the same act that came up on their twitter recommendations as the one they liked on facebook.

So make sure the imagery and the font and the colours are the same across all of your materials, including the posters for your shows and the signs on your merch table.

Yes, you will get sick of looking at it. No, your audience and potential audience will not. They do not look at it as often as you do, and between the times they are seeing your branding they are seeing 25,000 other logos and brandings EVERY DAY.

Make it part of your brand promise a promise to make it easy for them to know it is your branding they are seeing.

Also, this doesn’t mean you can’t change your branding at some point. But trust me, you do not have to do it very often. And VERY IMPORTANT: if you do decide to change your branding, make sure you change it on everything at the same time.

Before we move on to Where and When to Tell and Sell, let’s take a look at something called: The Marketing Mix: The 4 Ps.

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