Starting your brand template

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You’re ready to begin. When big marketing companies start to figure out their positioning, it usually takes dozens of meetings and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in expert opinions and research and all kinds of stuff you don’t want or actually need.

One thing that does provide, though, is very concise brand themes. They want to make them as targeted as possible. Again, I don’t think you need that. I have built this brand theme template using three descriptions in each of the important segments.

It will be more useful to you and more useful to anyone you are working with, somebody who is designing your merch or posters or anything like that. Also, you don’t have to have three descriptions in there, you can have one or two. But I wouldn’t go more than three. If you can’t nail it down in three descriptions, sorry, but your probably have to go back and think about it harder.

So, when you’re ready, fill in three aspects of Your Why.

And when you’ve done that, I want t explain to you the importance of the brand theme and the essence of what a brand really is before we move on to figuring out who your ideal audience is.

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