The field of reference

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 1.49.59 PMWhy do you need to figure out this Field of Reference thing?  Well, it comes down to why you want a brand theme. It will save you time and aggravation and make you money.

If I don’t like jazz (or classical, or hip hop) music, then I probably don’t want to hear you if you play those genres. And likewise, you probably don’t want to spend your time and effort trying to convince me that I should listen to you and your music. At is simplest: You may be the best jazz artists in history….but I don’t like jazz!

So in this case, the field of reference is jazz music. But the field of reference doesn’t have to be the genre, or be only the genre.

There are other things that affect whether people want to spend time on what you’ve got. For live performance, it may be how far away your gig is and how they can get there.

The more you can narrow down your field of reference the more you can improve your chance of standing out from the crowd, partly because you’ve made the crowd smaller. So the most effective way to promote yourself might be: for people who like live jazz you are the most original jazz band in your city. Or town. Or college campus.

People know where to put you. They can put you in the jazz part of their brain. Then they put in the original part of the jazz section, and the live part. And then they put you in the ‘how far away are they playing’ part of their brain.

To start figuring these things out, marketing people often work with a matrix. It helps you figure out where people are going to put you in their minds and how to make sure you stand out from the others in the place.

Let’s move on to the next page and see how that works.

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