The somethingest of something

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Getting there. You’ve got your why. You’ve got your ideal super fans. We are still going to wait a bit to come back to your brand, but your positioning statement should now be something like this:

Because [your three reasons to believe], [YOUR BRAND] brings [people with 3 demographics and 3 psychographics] the [the thing that makes you stand out from the crowd] of any [whatever you define the ‘crowd’ to be], 

So now we can move on to a pretty key part of it all, defining the thing you are actually going to provide those superfans with, something they want and that they will tell their friends about.

I call it ‘the somethingest of something’ and we’ll see how to start figuring that out.

Basically it is telling people what makes you stand out from the crowd. But of course to do that you also have to figure out what crowd you are going to stand out from.

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