Where to Tell, Where to Sell

Despite how it may seem to you, the big guys know that you can’t be selling all the time. In some ways, knowing the difference between telling and selling is the difference between Marketing departments and Sales departments. If you’re a food, you tell people about yourself on television, for instance. But you sell people when they walk in the store.

So for a musician like you, it’s instructive to know which places are good to tell and which are good to sell. Let me be clear – in the digital world you can sell just about anywhere. But that doesn’t mean you should.


  • facebook
  • twitter
  • instagram
  • SoundCloud
  • Pinterest
  • tumblr
  • Your Website
  • MySpace
  • Spotify


  • ReverbNation
  • bandcamp
  • BandZoogle
  • CDBaby
  • iTunes

As you can see, all of these places are on the web. So know that we have your branding strategy in lace, let’s start to Plan Your Online Presence