Where you going to sell them?

You’ve figured out your position the firmament of music. You’ve figured out who might be interested in your music. You’ve got your facebook page up and your website, now is the crux of the matter.

How are you going to sell them? It’s all part of the mix, of course, but we are down to the distribution and make the sale part. This is where your business is a business. Until they pay you, it’s just a hobby.

So, first of all, WHAT are you going to sell them?

Specifically, what items can you give to an audience in exchange for money?

Going from the most ephemeral to the most concrete, people will pay you for:

Live Shows
Digital Downloads
CDs and Vinyl

This is where your positioning and brand start to work.Maybe your people aren’t the people who buy vinyl. Maybe are the type that would prefer a hoodie to a tee.

Secondly, WHERE are you going to sell them?

Live shows: How are you going to tell them about your live shows. Not just the one next week, but the ones you’ve got planned a few months from now (some people actually do plan their lives that far in advance.)

Digital Downloads: What service are you going to use? Are you gong to have them for the same price everywhere? Or are they going to be free on some services but paid for on another? Are you going to have some things paid for and others – maybe demos or new songs – free?

CDs and Vinyl: Again, are you going to package them up yourself? Sell them through a distributor like CDBaby? Try to get listings at your local record store if there is one? Sell them at your shows? Sell them at other acts shows in return for selling their stuff at yours?

Merchandise: Same as CDs and Vinyl. All physical stuff that needs to get delivered into the customers hands. Your music gets into the customers head, but your physical stuff has to get into their hands.

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