Who are you? Branding yourself as a musician

Musician branding is the same as business branding

If you are a musical act and you want to make money at it, you’re a business. And just like any other business, you find yourself at the middle of a whole bunch of things.

Being a musician or musical act that makes money is no different from being any other kind of business.

For you it’s writing songs and rehearsing and playing live shows and looking after your facebook and getting posters made and put up and getting your music on sites and selling tickets and shows and merch and…

It’s actually just like every other business in the world. They buy supplies (yours are things like instruments, software, stage gear), make them into something (songs), get them to the stores (bandcamp, iTunes), get the media to tell people where to find them (facebook, twitter) and then make some money selling the stuff (digital downloads, CDs, merch, live shows).

So yes, every company does this. But not every business is successful. What the really successful businesses have is something more than a company or a product or a service. They have a brand: it’s not a pop or soda, it’s a Coke. It’s not fast food, it’s McDonald’s.

The brand makes everything more efficient and more profitable for them.

Just like them, you don’t want to be just ‘a singer songwriter or ‘a jazz band’. You want to be a brand: You (or Your Act). It will make everything easier and more profitable for you.

It’s no secret that successful brands make a lot of money. The reason they do is that THEY control what people say about them when they leave the room. It’s not thought control or anything evil it’s just that THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE, THEY KNOW HOW THAT FITS IN WITH WHAT PEOPLE WANT, and they keep reminding people of it.

The secret is putting together that successful brand. And that’s what INDIEpIpE is here to help you do.

So what better way to start than with what those businesses know about it that you don’t know.


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