Who you going to tell?

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.39.15 AMMultinationals and their brands spend a lot of time figuring out who they want to talk to. The reasons they take so much time figuring it out is that they know that the more tightly they can define who it is that wants what their product or service has to offer, the less money they will waste sending their message to people who don’t care.

It’s why you won’t see a lot of detergent commercials on a UFC show.

Here you’ll figure out who is going to be most interested in your music and what you have to offer them.

The goal is to find out who are the people most likely to want to hear you and buy your music.

It’s OK if lots of people know about you and your music, but many of them just won’t be the people who will spend their money or time on you. That’s the way it goes. SO let’s figure out who the right people are and start tailoring a message to them.

But first let’s look at how important certain people are to your success.

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