Your why. What is it?

Defining YOUR whyYou’ve probably been asked this a thousand times, and have asked it of yourself a thousand times:

Why do you want to be a musician?

The answer to this is at the very core of your success, and at the core of your positioning statement.

Remember, it is going to go into this sentence: Because of [YOUR WHY], you provide [your ideal audience] with [the most or best something] of [whatever we are going to say is your ‘competition.] And just to add a little something here, in case you think I’m trying to turn music making into a competition, your ‘competition’ is not necessarily other music but could be whatever else people are thinking of doing on a Friday night.

But let’s start with why you make music, and take a couple of examples to show how they evolve into your Reason To Believe.

“Because I love music” is OK to start with. And with that example your positioning statement could read “Because you can hear the love of music in every note, [your brand] provides….[blah blah blah]. But the more specific you can make your ‘WHY’ the stronger your statement will be and the better yor chance of success working with it.

On the other end of the scale, your reason for wanting to be a musician might be “I’ve always wanted to be rich and famous.” That could translate into something along the lines of “Because of a burning desire since the age of three to succeed at music, every effort goes into every show. [Your brand] provides…[blah blah blah]

You can see from example 2 that the ‘why’ is starting to work itself into a ‘how’ – the brand’s why (the desire to be rich and famous) is turned into a how (they work their ass off).

We also said that your positioning statement can have up to 3 ‘Reasons to Believe’ so you can always add in something more concrete or technical if appropriate Because of a love of music (or wanting to be rich and famous) [your act] studied classical music, or spent hours learning every Jimi Hendrix riff or…

Get your WHY and the resulting HOW right and the rest of the Positioning Statement will start to fall into place.

So think about it. Hard. Then write it down. Three reasons to believe that come from your WHY. We are going to use it to start building that positioning.

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Here are some suggestions of WHYs and HOWs to get you going.


  • I love seeing people react to my songs
  • I have feelings inside me I can’t get out any other way than through music
  • I spent 8 years studying music and I want to do something with it
  • I can’t stand the thought of working a 9 to 5 job
  • Nothing feels better to me than the sound of an audience applauding
  • I love being in a band collaborating on things
  • I want to meet girls/guys
  • I want people to sing along with my songs
  • I love making people dance
  • I love making people stop and listen and think
  • I love the creativity of doing different solos all the time
  • I love getting something perfect and doing it over and over again for people
  • I love experimenting with different ways of doing songs and playing with peoples’ perceptions
  • I like to shock people
  • I like to comfort people
  • I like to explore the possibilities of all my emotions
  • I like what happens when the music puts you into a trance
  • I love a whole group of people getting together and exploring music
  • I love the whole theatre – lighting and costume and performance
  • I love that one person with one instrument even a lone voice, can have such an effect on other people
  • I want people to think about what a wonderful world this is
  • I want people to think about what a screwed up world this is
  • I want people to explore the future and its possibilities
  • I want to bring people the comfort of the past
  • I want to bring everyone together, from all different walks of life
  • I want to make music that only a few people ‘get’